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Core Values



For over 100 years Bennett has consistently performed with integrity whilst advocating ethical business conduct both nationally and internationally.

We believe that it is through the ethical and socially responsible conduct of each and every one of our employees that we can ensure every aspect of our business operates to the highest standards.

Our guiding principles of employee ethics and the responsibility of our employees to act in accordance with high ethical standards is detailed in our Code of Conduct. This Code forms part of all our contracts of employment.

As we grow and expand into new businesses and regions, and continue to build a record of sustained growth, we are committed to maintaining and strengthening our reputation for lawful and ethical conduct.

At Bennett it goes without saying that we are dedicated to ensuring we deliver the best. In doing so we insist on performing with integrity at all times. Any failure to comply with our Code of Conduct and Employee Ethics obligations is taken very seriously and is dealt with in accordance with our internal procedures.